10 Ways to Wear Chokers with Different Outfits – Choker Necklace Style Guide

When it comes to dressing up, the right pair of accessories help you go through the trend while making a unique statement. One such accessory is Choker Necklaces. Chokers have been in trend for a decade now and are still the trendiest and a chic jewellery style to adorn by women of all ages and class. Choker necklaces are the most versatile accessory to wear from sophisticated formals to boho-inspired beach look.

If you still haven’t given choker necklace a close look, it is now time to revamp your wardrobe and find your perfect choker design to make a daunting statement. And if you’re looking for inspiration, here we have compiled a list of creative styling ideas to rock your new look.

The office chic

Modern working women have repeatedly styled chokers with a crisp collared shirt or a closed round neck for a stunning chic look while being minimal at the office. Pair a minimal choker necklace with an open-collared shirt to your office for a sophisticated as well as stylish look.

The metallic shine

Metal chokers are one of the most hip styles in vogue. Pair a metal choker with a long oversized coat or cardigan and long boots for a chunky winter look or make a statement with casuals like a leather skirt and white or black blouse.

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