25 Nature Inspired Jewellery Designs For Spring 2021

The snow has melted, the winds are warmer, the sky is clearing and the world is bursting into life, spring is a season of new life and new beauty symbolizing the magic and romance of nature.

What could be a better season to flaunt your style and spirit to the world?

Spring is a season of colours and refreshing vibes of flowers and blossoms. While planning an outing or heading for an event, choosing a jewellery that matches the flair of the dress and aura of the season is essential. So get ready to emerge yourself in the latest and trendy jewellery designs to make your spring and summers more playful and fun.

Here we have listed down 25 jewellery designs inspired by the beauty of nature that is perfect to adorn this spring season.

1. White lotus neklace set

Stylish and fancy floral necklace meticulously crafted with flawless enamel work in pink and white colour and studded with Venetian Pearls. The beautiful lotuses are crafted all over the 18K Rose gold plated double chain. Make it a part of your summer dress or a cute Kurti to make a statement this spring season. This unique necklace also calls for fun occasions like Haldi & mehndi ceremony or theme parties. Also, a perfect jewellery for brides and bridesmaids.


A Remarkably gorgeous pendant set that looks like a tulip bud. This beautiful jewellery piece is crafted with pink imitation cat-eye stones and studded with Swarovski Crystals to add that extra sparkle to the set. Perfect jewellery for the office, college, or a casual hangout to give your persona a refreshing look.

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